Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For August 11/17


Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For August 11/17

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Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin analysis & editorials from miscellaneous sources published on August 10-11/17
McMaster’s Misunderstanding of the Middle East/A.Z. MohamedGatestone Institute/August 10/17
Jew-Hating Imams Need to be Removed/by Shireen Qudosi/Gatestone Institute/August 10/17
How Trump Can Confront Iran without Blowing up the Nuclear Deal/Josh Rogin/The Washington Post/’August 10/17
Qatar’s Supremacy…Fortune Doesn’t Make Respect/Salman Al-dossary/ASharq Al Awsat/August 10/17
Iran’s Jaw-Dropping Hypocrisy on Qatar Crisis/Eyad Abu Shakra/ASharq Al Awsat/August 10/17
The choice between coexistence or ISIS/Ghassan Charbel/Al Arabiya/August 10/17
A response to the New York Times and the Washington Post/Ali al-Shihabi/Al Arabiya/August 10/17
How US confusion facilitates the Taliban’s control over Afghanistan/Huda al-Husseini/Al Arabiya/August 10/17
Pakistan’s judiciary and the trial of Nawaz Sharif/Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi/Al Arabiya/August 10/17
Saudi Writer, Muhammad ‘Arif : Arab States Should Stop Hiding Their Relations With Israel/MEMRI/August 10/17

Titles For Latest Lebanese Related News published on August 10-11/17
Hariri: Lebanon Witnessing Transitional Phase Thanks To Modern Technology
Geagea: Some Trying to Use Lebanon to Bestow Legitimacy on Assad Regime
Army Shelling Inflicts Direct Damages to IS Posts in Ras Baalbek, Qaa
Reports: Lebanon Faces ‘Difficult Situation’ as Hizbullah, AMAL Ministers Announce Visit to Syria
Economic round table on salary scale is only an idea: Baabda source
Salary scale saga lingers, Aoun signature still missing
Aoun still studying salary scale law
Lebanese Christians Are Supporting Iranian-Backed Hezbollah
Aoun receives credentials of new Ambassadors of Spain, Hungary
Aoun to chair dialogue meeting over salary scale Monday
Berri welcomes Tunisian parliamentarians, German Ambassador
Hariri receives British Chargé d’Affaires, Ambassador of Azerbaijan
AUB a partner in international conference on Arab Women in Computing

Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin For Miscellaneous Reports And News published on August 10-11/17
Qatar Crisis: Abu Dhabi Crown Prince receives US envoys
Qatar launches diplomacy campaign through its foreign ministers
International Civil Aviation Organization welcomes cooperation of boycotting states
Kuwaiti Emir Seeks Direct Dialogue to Resolve Gulf Crisis
Mysterious Raids on Popular Mobilization Forces near Syria
Concerns in Israel over Deteriorating Relations with Egypt
National Coalition President: Riyadh Plans to Host Extended Meeting for Syrian Opposition
Iran Says Committed to Hajj Agreement with Riyadh
Barzani: Iraq Failed to Maintain Partnership with Kurds
Israel Demolishes Homes of Palestinian Attackers
Regime Shelling Kills Three in Truce Zone near Damascus
N. Korea Says Trump ‘Bereft of Reason’, Says KCNA
Israel Moves ahead on Underground Wall around Gaza

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