Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For May 29/17


Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For May 29/17

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Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin analysis & editorials from miscellaneous sources published on May 28-29/17
The Majority of those Who allege to represent Christians in Lebanon know Nothing about Christianity/Elias Bejjani/May 27/17
Once Again Coptic children Are Brutally Massacred/Elias Bejjani/May 26/17
Israel preparing partial evacuation in case of conflict with Lebanon/Jerusalem Post/May 28, 2017
How the World Can Prepare for the ‘Day After’ ISIS/David Ignatius/Washington Post/May 28/17
Former Imam Of Mecca’s Great Mosque Adel Al-Kalbani: The Shi’ite Scholars Are Heretics; ‘Salafi Seed’ Gave Rise To ISIS (Archival)/The Middle East Media Research Institute/May 28/17
Riyadh’s center for combating terrorism has provoked them/Turki Aldakhil/Al Arabiya/May 28/17
Iran: The regime’s nature and its calculations/Eyad Abu Shakra/Al Arabiya/May 28/17
Qatar Emir’s speech and the art of political suicide /Hamoud Abu Taleb/Al Arabiya/May 28/17
“Drip-Drip” Genocide: Muslim Persecution of Christians, February, 2017/Raymond Ibrahim/Gatestone Institute/May 28/17
Europe Fights Back with Candles and Teddy Bears/Giulio Meotti/Gatestone Institute/May 28/17
Turkey: Erdogan’s Goon Squad Comes to Washington/Burak Bekdil/Gatestone Institute/May 28/17

Titles For Latest Lebanese Related News published on May 28-29/17
The Majority of those Who allege to represent Christians in Lebanon know Nothing about Christianity
Once Again Coptic children Are Brutally Massacred
MP Alain Aoun says vote law debate advancing
Berri Hails Adwan’s Electoral Law ‘Miracle’
15-District Proportional Representation Law Put on Front Burner
Report: No Going Back on Adwan Proposal, MP Chose Right Regional Moment to Act
Report: Hizbullah Issues Ultimatum to Arsal Outskirts Militants
Berri, Hizbullah, Hariri Reportedly Oppose Moving Maronite Seats from Muslim-Majority Districts
Lebanese newspapers’ headlines for Sunday 28/5/2017
Rahi from Batroun: People are fed up with political practices for personal interests
Rahi offers condolences to Tawadros II over Minya terrorist attack
Bassil: Proportional Representation Ends Monopolization, FPM Wants to be ‘3rd Shiite Force’
Riachi calls on TeleLiban employees to prioritize national channel’s interests
Franjieh: Our positions are firm and do not change with interests
Raffoul from Bezbina: Lebanon is ravished not broke, legislative elections to take place end of September
Qobeissi says Lebanon deserves modern, fair electoral law
Hariri cables Sisi, Tawadros II in condemnation of Minya terrorist attack

Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin For Miscellaneous Reports And News published on May 28-29/17
Tel Aviv City Hall lights up in solidarity with Egypt
Egypt cites ‘self-defense’ for Libya strikes to UN Security Council
Egypt Intensifies Strikes against ISIS Offshoots in Libya
Emir of Qatar Stresses Enhancing Relations with Iran
Guarantors Disagree on Borders of De-escalation Zones in Syria
Broad Battles Launched to Retake Mosul Old City
King Salman: Saudi Arabia Saves No Effort in Supporting Egypt’s Fight against Terrorism
Libyan militant group Ansar al-Sharia says it has dissolved
UK looking to ‘increase pressure’ on internet firms over extremist material
Sounds of Silence as Russia Probe Pierces Trump’s Inner Circle
Khamenei Slams Saudis as America’s ‘Milking Cow’
After UK, Egypt Attacks, Libya Seen as Militants’ Haven

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The Majority of those Who allege to represent Christians in Lebanon know Nothing about Christianity

Elias Bejjani/May 27/17
Sadly the majority of politicians, feudal-commercial-Stalinist parities and officials who claim to represent Christians in Lebanon and fight for both their rights and existence are in reality and actuality totally alienated from all that is Christianity.
Their conduct, approaches and aims totally contradict Christianity and has nothing to do with it. Christianity in its core and essence, teachings and values ​​is love, forgiveness, sacrifice, sincerity, humility, faith and hope . They are completely detached from all these basic Christian foundations and solid principles…
In reality the majority of those who falsely allege to represent the Lebanese Christians, politicians, parties as well as officials are a bunch of hypocrites’ and Pharisees.
Based on their acts, achievements, affiliations, chameleon practices, inartistic rhetoric, and personal agendas they only represent their own individual interests and their people, church and communities.
The majority of those political narcissists are preys to the temptations of their own instincts and mere servants to the head of the demons, Lucifer, (Satan)
My Almighty Lord and His Angles safeguard and protects our people and our homeland from the politician’s evil ambitions, delinquency, ruthlessness and the vanity of their whims.

Once Again Coptic children Are Brutally Massacred
Elias Bejjani/May 26/17
More than 40 Egyptian Coptic Christians, mostly children, were brutally and savagely murdered,  while many others severely injured in Egypt this morning while on their way to visit a Coptic Monastery
As news agencies reported, the monstrous assailants were ten males, dressed in military attire, and heavily armed.
The 10 cowardly murderers targeted  a convoy of buses and cars that were carrying the Coptic children with their escorts to the monastery.
One wonders what is the rationale and what are the gains of killing for just the sake and pleasure of killing?
The reasonable questions are, what did these murderers accomplish in murdering innocent children,
What actually are their ultimate evil schemes, and what do they really want?
For heavens sake, who are these creatures that target innocent Coptic Christian Egyptian children while on their way to a religious monastery for praying, worshiping, supplication and reverence?
Who are these ugly monsters that enjoy, dance and hail the scenes of blood, disasters and tragedies? ..
Who does finance them and why?
Who trains, educates, breeds and uses these human like robots?
Who orchestrates, plans and facilitate these inhuman atrocities?
Who are those creatures that cherished and rejoice in watching weeping and howling  mothers whose children are slaughtered in front of their eyes and cut into pieces?
What kind of creatures are those mean cowards and barbarians who attack unarmed civilians, innocent children that are unable to defend themselves?
Who are these Draculas who hate, and hold grudges against other people to the extent that they explode their children, decapitate their clergy, confiscate their properties and destroy their worshiping places?
Who are these bloodthirsty monsters who never get satisfied with blood shedding, but always grow more and more barbaric, brutal and savage?
We wonder, are these barbarians and murderers actually human beings with emotions and feelings?
Do they actually fear Almighty God and take in account His last Day of Judgment?
Do they have human minds and human standards ?
In accordance with all religious, human and moral standards, these monster must be void from all that human, and merely alienated from all religions teachings, humanity standards, values ​​and moral principles.
In actuality and practicality, These are demonic creatures stripped of all feelings, sensations, and all that is intellectuality and reason.
They are practically mere satanic enemies for all that is humanity, peace, love, religions, civilization, science, tolerance, human rights and freedoms.
We call on each and every human being, all over the world who condemns such evil and brutal acts to pray and ask almighty to receive and dwell the souls of the Coptic martyrs in His heaven alongside the righteous and saints.
Meanwhile we wish all the injured a quick and safe recovery.
May Almighty God shower on the families of the victims all gifts of forgiveness, patience, faith and consolation.