Elias Bejjani:The Majority of those Who allege to represent Christians in Lebanon know Nothing about Christianity


The Majority of those Who allege to represent Christians in Lebanon know Nothing about Christianity
Elias Bejjani/May 27/17

Sadly the majority of  politicians, feudal-commercial-Stalinist parities and officials who claim to represent Christians in Lebanon and fight for both their rights and existence are in reality and actuality totally alienated from all that is Christianity.

Their conduct, approaches and aims totally contradict Christianity and has nothing to do with it. Christianity in its core and essence, teachings and values ​​is love, forgiveness, sacrifice,  sincerity, humility, faith and hope . They are completely detached from all these basic Christian foundations and solid principles…

In reality the majority of those who falsely  allege to represent the Lebanese Christians, politicians, parties as well as officials are a bunch of hypocrites’ and Pharisees.

Based on their acts, achievements, affiliations, chameleon practices,  inartistic rhetoric, and personal agendas they only  represent their own individual interests and their people, church and communities.

The majority of those political narcissists are preys to the temptations of their own instincts and mere servants to the head of the demons, Lucifer, (Satan)

My Almighty Lord and His Angles safeguard and protects our people and our homeland from the politician’s evil ambitions, delinquency, ruthlessness and the vanity of their whims.

غالبية الذين يدعون تمثيل المسيحيين في لبنان هم براء من المسيحية والمسيحية براء منهم
الياس بجاني/27 أيار/17
للأسف إن السواد الأعظم من الذين يدعون باطلاً تمثيل المسيحيين اللبنانيين في الشأن العام والعمل السياسي والإجتماعي والحقوقي والوجودي هم عملياً براء من المسيحية والمسيحية براء منهم … لأن المسيحية في جوهرها وتعاليمها وقيمها هي محبة وصدق وتواضع وتضحية وعطاء ومسامحة وإيمان ورجاء.. فيما أفراد القوم الذي يدعي تمثيلنا نفاقاً وكذباً من مثل أصحاب شركات الأحزاب وتجار السياسة والمنافقين والنرسيسيين والذميين هم في غالبيتهم  يوضاصيون الفكر والنهج والممارسات والنوايا .. وغارقين في تجارب وأوحال وأفخاخ “عمنا” لاسيفورس كبير الأبالسة…ومكترين.
ربي أحمي شعبنا ووطنا من  أطماعهم ومن جنوح وشرود وفجع وجحود نزواتهم.