Elias Bejjani: Our Thoughts & Prayers Goes to the Victims Of The Manchester Terrorist Attack/صلاتنا لراحة نفوس ضحايا الإنفجار الإرهابي في مانشستر_بريطانيا


Our Thoughts & Prayers Goes to the Victims Of The Manchester Terrorist Attack
Elias Bejjani/May 23/17

Our thoughts & prayers goes to all the children, their parents, families and friends who were directly or indirectly affected by the Manchester (England) terrorist explosion that occurred few hours ago.

The terrorist explosion targeted an arena in Manchester where a concert attended by teenagers was held.
Initial reports stated that at least nineteen teenagers and women were killed and more than fifty injured.

May Almighty God bless the souls of the victims and shower on their families and friends all gifts of tolerance, courage, consolation, patience and faith. Meanwhile we wish quick and safe recovery to all the injured.

In reality and actuality there are no words that could help the victim’s families cope with the great loss of their beloved innocent children and beloved one who happened to be in an arena attending a concert.

The terrorist or terrorists who committed this horrible, savage and bloody act of terrorism, as well as those who trained, financed and radicalized them being individuals, heads of organizations or officials in states are not human beings by any means. All of them must be arrested and put on trial to face justice and pay for their horrible crimes.

If they were human beings they would not have criminally murdered innocent children.

We loudly and strongly condemn this evil act of terrorism, and call on all world legitimate authorities to continue, strengthen and expend the global war on jihad terrorists and terrorism of all kinds and ideologies in a bid to eradicate them all once and for ever..


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