Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For November 05/16/16


Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For November 05/16

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Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin analysis & editorials from miscellaneous sources published on November 04-05/16
Sayyed Nasrallah: Berri is the Major Guarantee in Difficult Times, We Trust Aoun/Al-Manar Website/November 04/16
Hariri Is Filling his father’s big shoes/Joseph A. Kechichian/Gulf News/November 04/16
Lebanon’s new PM a vocal critic of Hezbollah, Syria/ AFP/November 03/16
Tensions flare between Hezbollah, Gulf states/Mona Alami/Al Monitor/November 04/16
Casting a blank ballot and wishing Aoun good luck/Nayla Tueni/November 04/16
Christian minority in Iraq seeks autonomy in post-Mosul Iraq/Cengiz Çandar/November 04/16
Europe’s New Blasphemy Courts/Douglas Murray/Gatestone Institute/November 04/16
Will Hillary make it/Trisha de Borchgrave/Al Arabiya/November 04/16
Saad Lamjarred: Art and politics/Mshari Al Thaydi/Al Arabiya/November 04/16
Iran ratcheting up anti-Saudi rhetoric/By Dr. Majid Rafizadeh/Al Arabiya/November 04/16

Titles For Latest Lebanese Related News published on on November 04-05/16
U.S.: Lebanese Deserve Inclusive Govt. that Promotes Peace, Confronts Challenges
Paris in ‘Close Dialogue’ with Beirut, Riyadh on Suspended Saudi-Funded Arms Deal
Hariri: New Government Will be Formed Soon
Hariri Launches Consultations: Berri’s Bloc Urges ‘Fair’ Line-Up, LF Demands ‘Sovereign Portfolio’
Aoun Vows to Unite Lebanese over ‘Unified Foreign Policy’
Rifi Urges ‘Popular, Political Action’, Vows to Confront ‘Iranian Hegemony’
Report: Berri Rebuffs Energy Portfolio but Cares for Finance
Chamoun Turns over New Leaf of Relations with President Aoun
1 Dead, 9 Hurt as Major Blaze Guts Fanar Wood Factory
Report: Hizbullah Keen for AMAL Alliance and Shiites Unity
Ahed Footballer Killed Fighting in Syria
Saqr: President Not Purely ‘Made in Lebanon’, Strong President Means Strong State
Aoun prioritizes Lebanon’s electoral law at start of term
Sayyed Nasrallah: Berri is the Major Guarantee in Difficult Times, We Trust Aoun
Hariri Is Filling his father’s big shoes
Forming new Lebanese government will draw foreign aid, central bank says
Lebanon’s new PM a vocal critic of Hezbollah, Syria
Tensions flare between Hezbollah, Gulf states
Casting a blank ballot and wishing Aoun good luck

Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin For Miscellaneous Reports And News published on on November 04-05/16
Reporters Without Borders: Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei Is a Predator of Press Freedom
Iranian Resistance Identifies More Than 110 Officials Involved in Massacre of Political Prisoners in 1988
Elite Iraq Forces Punch into Mosul, Face Tough Resistance
Pentagon claims Baghdadi losing control of troops
Turkey Detains Kurdish Leaders as Deadly Blast Hits Southeast
Syria Rebels Fire on Aleppo Evacuation Route
Russian helicopter hit in Syria, crew unhurt
Russia Says Two Soldiers ‘Lightly Wounded’ in Aleppo Rebel Shelling
ISIS kills hundreds, seeks child recruits around Mosul: UN
Russian-Declared Ceasefire Goes into Effect in Aleppo
Iran Sentences Saudi Embassy Attackers to Jail
Palestinians Say Will Protest Interpol Membership Delay
Egypt prime minister defends painful economic measures
US service members killed in Jordan shooting

Links From Jihad Watch Site for on November 04-05/16
German police accused of discouraging teen from reporting sexual assault by Muslim migrant
Pope Francis and Lutheran leader: “We urge Lutherans and Catholics…to defend the rights of refugees”
France shuts down four more ‘extremist’ mosques
France: Muslim migrants in refugee camp threaten to kill convert from Islam to Christianity
Jordan: Muslims murder one American military trainer, injure two others
Islamic State leader: “Jews, Christians, Shiite heretics” are giving everything to fight against jihad
Raymond Ibrahim: The Psycho and Pseudo Jihad
U.S. intelligence warns that al Qaeda could be planning jihad massacres in three states for Monday
Robert Spencer in FrontPage: European Media Jihad Against Geert Wilders
Hillary and the Muslim Brotherhood — on The Glazov Gang
Karen Armstrong, Vali Nasr hit West on Atlantic Council “Islamophobia” panel

Links From Christian Today Site for on November 04-05/16
Is There Still Room For Church Growth In Britain? The Quietly Explosive Phenomenon Of ‘Fresh Expressions’
When This Pastor Needed To Buy A House His Congregation Stepped In And Gave £66,000
Katherine Maxwell-Rose: Why What You Wear Is A Spiritual Statement
Are Gay Relationships Wrong? Not Such A Simple Question
The Christians In Iraq Who Are Praying For ISIS To Encounter The Love Of Jesus
Turkey’s Crackdown Continues: Christian Groups Protest Detention Of US Pastor
Why Don’t More Christian Parents Talk To Their Kids About Faith?

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