Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For August 12/16/16


Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For August 12/16

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Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin analysis & editorials from miscellaneous sources published on August 11-12/16
Home alone/As Saad Hariri’s world melts, what can he do/Michael Young/Now Lebanon/August 11/16
Our Compromised Lebanese Allies/Bilal Hussein/Commentary/August 11/16
Hezbollah emerging as the dominant militant group in the Middle East/Dr. Azeem Ibrahim/Al Arabiya/August 11/16
Why the surprise that Lebanon cannot elect a president/Joseph A. Kechichian/Gulf News/ August 11/16
Bill, Hillary, Mr. Chagoury and Hezbollah/Rebecca Bynum/New English Review/August 11/16
Officials In Lebanese, Gazan Terror Organizations Confirm: Iran Funds Our Activity/MEMRI/August 11/16
Nadia Murad’s story shames the world/Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/August 11/16
Aleppo and Mosul: A tale of two cities/Eyad Abu Shakra/Al Arabiya/August 11/16
Choosing authority over chaos/Turki Aldakhil//Al Arabiya/August 11/16
Iran-Backed Rebels Use Hospitals as Human Shields/Con Coughlin/Gatestone Institute/August 11/16
Jordanian Writer: Graphic Images From War Zones Cause Psychological Damage To Children/MEMRI/August 11/16
Turkey, Europe’s Little Problem/Burak Bekdil/Gatestone Institute/August 11/16
Is Israel about to Sign a Terrible Deal/Shoshana Bryen/Gatestone Institute/August 11/16
Insult after Injury: Understanding Egypt’s ‘Reconciliation Meetings/Raymond Ibrahim/Coptic Solidarity/August 11/16

Titles For Latest Lebanese Related News published on on August 11-12/16
Lebanese Army Destroys Nusra Post in Arsal Outskirts
Lebanese Army Bombs Qaa, Ras Baalbek Outskirts amid ‘Fierce’ IS-Nusra Arsal Clashes
Report: Berri Promotes ‘Package Deal’, Says Electing President Doesn’t Solve Difficulties
Hizbullah Bloc Slams Parties Trying to ‘Sabotage’ Dialogue, Hails Security Forces
Kataeb Students Force Works Suspension at Bourj Hammoud Landfill after Scuffle
Report: Aleppo Battle Pushes More Refugees into Lebanon, Presidency Unaffected
Ex-Judge among 2 Dead in Beit al-Shaar ‘Murder-Suicide’
Detainees Held in Kid Drowning Case Released
Ten Syrians Possessing IS Cards Detained after Infiltrating Border
LAU, ESCWA concludes conference on women, peace and Security
Zayed from Maarab: For putting terms to presidential vacancy and supporting national consensus
Marotti awards Vincenti Order of Star of Italy
Syrian teenagers lure then rape 11 year old child in Majdalia
Blaze erupts in steamer at Tripoli seaport
Home alone/As Saad Hariri’s world melts, what can he do
Our Compromised Lebanese Allies
Hezbollah emerging as the dominant militant group in the Middle East
Why the surprise that Lebanon cannot elect a president?
Bill, Hillary, Mr. Chagoury and Hezbollah

Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin For Miscellaneous Reports And News published on on August 11-12/16
Lone suspect killed in anti-terrorism operation in southern Ontario
Iran: Execution of 46 people in 9 days
Iranian youths issue statement condemning recent spate of executions in Iran
Iran regime arrests 769 people in swoop on Qom Province
Further protests outside Iran regime’s parliament, rallies held in Rasht and Mashhad
Trump accuses Obama of being ‘founder of ISIS’
Deadly Russian raids strike ISIS capital Raqqa
Military attaches, diplomats flee in Turkey’s post-coup inquiry
Turkey Offers Russia Joint Operations against IS in Syria
Turkey Parliament to Ratify Israel Deal before Recess
30 Killed in Russia Raids on IS Syria Bastion Raqa
Woman, two children killed in Aleppo chlorine attack: activists
Syria Doctors Issue Plea over Aleppo Siege
UN probes reports of chlorine gas use in Aleppo
Lack of US fighter pilots amid ISIS wars in Syria, Iraq
Turkey warns EU making ‘mistakes’ over failed coup
Syria doctors issue plea over Aleppo siege
Police say Jewish man stabbed with screwdriver in Jerusalem
Turkey open to conditional terror law talks
Iran top diplomat to visit Turkey after coup: Ankara
Houthi leader, 40 militias killed near Saudi border
Germany praises Saudi help in fight against terror

Links From Jihad Watch Site for on August 11-12/16
Canada: Convert to Islam killed by police after he “detonated a device, wounding himself and another person”
Germany: “We have substantial reports that among the refugees are hit squads”
Audio: Robert Spencer and Msgr. Stuart Swetland debate: Is Islam violent?
Netherlands: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” and brandishing a knife runs at police, terrifies shoppers
California: Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar!” through a bullhorn terrorize church during worship service
US Central Command skewed intel on the Islamic State to present “more optimistic” view to the public
Christians in Germany hiding Bibles amid death threats from Muslim migrants
Hugh Fitzgerald: Of Korans and Constitutions
Islamic State throws another gay man off building for “corruption of thought” and “homosexual acts”
Jamie Glazov Moment: Why a Refugee Stabbed a Belgian Priest
Robert Spencer: GOP National Security Leaders ‘Intellectually Bankrupt’ to Attack Trump and Defend Clinton’s ‘Pitiable Record’
Idaho: Muslim charged with sexual assault was touted by media as “moderate” two months ago
UK: Muslim who murdered Ahmadi screams “Praise for the prophet Muhammad” as he is sentenced
Another Muslim migrant sexual assault in Twin Falls, Idaho
Italy: Muslim group demands legalization of polygamy as counterpart to legalization of gay marriage
Belgium: Police hunt for imam’s son who walked down street loudly praying to Allah for “annihilation of all Christians”
Black Lives Matter defends platform accusing Israel of ‘genocide’

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