Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For June 29/16


Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For June 29/16

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Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin analysis & editorials from miscellaneous sources published on June 28-29/16
More on the “Qaa initiative”/Walid Phares DC/Face Book/June 28/16
The domino effect of the ‘British Spring’/Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/June 28/16
A lesson from Brexit: Stop ignoring Syria/Joyce Karam/Al Arabiya/June 28/16
Orlando massacre: A terrorist attack made easier by US gun laws/Brooklyn Middleton/Al Arabiya/June 28/16
Did drama advertise for ISIS/Turki Aldakhil/Al Arabiya/June 28/16
The Palestinian Authority’s Crackdown on Journalists/Khaled Abu Toameh/Gatestone Institute/June 28/16
Turkey: A Thuggish Ramadan/Burak Bekdil/Gatestone Institute/June 28/16
To the UN and UNESCO: Don’t Try to Fence Us In/Amir Taheri/Gatestone Institute/June 28/16
3 Iranian rangers killed by poachers in 48 hours/Arash Karami/Al-Monitor/June 28/16
What Bahrain’s opposition crackdown means for country’s Brotherhood/Giorgio Cafiero/Al-Monitor/June 28/16
Erdogan displays survival instinct in Israel reconciliation/Cengiz Çandar/Al-Monitor/June 28/16
Who is killing Syrian opposition figures in Aleppo, Idlib/Tamer Osman/Al-Monitor/June 28/16

Titles For Latest Lebanese Related News published on June 28-29/16
More on the “Qaa initiative”
Lebanese Govt. Urges ‘Embracing Legitimate Armed Forces’ after al-Qaa Blasts, Declares ‘Full Readiness’
White House tells Iran to stop funding Hezbolla
Lebanon detains 103 Syrians after blasts
Lebanese Army Raids Syrian Refugee Encampments after Suicide Blasts
Saudi FM Says Hizbullah to Blame for Lebanon Political Vacuum
Qahwaji Says Woman among Qaa Bombers, Mashnouq Says They Didn’t Come from Camps
Change and Reform Urges Action on Refugees to Protect ‘Our Security, Their Safety’
French FM Says to Visit Lebanon to Push for ‘Political Solution’
UAE Jails Emirati Woman on Charges of Spying for Hizbullah
Report: Military Source Says al-Qaa Bombings Not Surprising
Jumblat Calls for Political Settlement, President Election after al-Qaa Blasts
Hariri Urges ‘Army Border Force, Anti-Terror National Conference’
Egypt Expels British-Lebanese TV Show Host
Hezbollah MP: Regulate movement of Syrian refugees in Lebanon
Machnouk from Qaa: We call for political security
Geagea in televised interview: Iran main side blocking presidential elections
Suicide bomb rampage spells trouble ahead for Lebanon
Mustaqbal Suggests ‘Calling Up Reserves, Seeking UNIFIL Help’ to Control Border

Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin For Miscellaneous Reports And News published on June 28-29/16
Iran names new armed forces chief
No change in Iran behavior in Syria since nuclear deal: US official
Three Iranian guards killed by Kurdish rebels
Iran hopes Saudi embassy attack trial will restore confidence
Saudi slams Iran ‘destabilizing’ Mideast
US looks to Mosul after Fallujah recapture
Jordan appoints new ambassador to the US
Deadly suicide bombing rocks west of Baghdad
Suicide bomber kills nine at Iraq Sunni mosque: officials
Bomb attack kills Turkish officer, PKK blamed
Russia: Mending Turkey ties ‘not a matter of few days’
Turkey, Israel to start appointing ambassadors this week: presidency
Assad’s uncle charged in Paris with corruption: anti-graft group
Israel bans access for non-Muslims to Jerusalem holy site
Bahraini court revokes citizenship of five charged with terrorism
Data files from crashed EgyptAir plane sent back to Egypt
Why July 9th gathering? – Message of Tony Peter Clement – MP from Canada
Hamas Thanks Turkey for Gaza Efforts in Israel Deal
EU Leaders Push for Divorce after Brexit Vote
UK’s Sir Roger Gale MP in support of “Free Iran” rally in Paris
Iran: Call for urgent action to save the lives of political prisoners on hunger strike
Political prisoner writes to UN about abuses in Iran

Links From Jihad Watch Site for June 28-29/16
Death toll in Istanbul jihad massacre now nearing 50, the Islamic State “is behind the attack
At least 28 murdered in jihad-martyrdom suicide bombings at Istanbul airport
Islamic State throws four gay men off rooftop, taunts gays with photos of murders bearing #LoveWins hashtag
Gay Pride celebrators ignore the threat of jihadists and blame Republicans
Al Qaeda urges lone wolves to target whites in America to clarify its message of jihad
Hugh Fitzgerald: “Civilizational Jihad” at the Urth Caffé
Raymond Ibrahim: Seven Myths of the Crusades
Benghazi: Hillary’s “inaction on numerous requests for additional security…reveals a serious lack of competence”
Video: Robert Spencer on Hudud, the punishments mandated in Islamic law
“Modern Islam Is Already Impossible”
Mark Christian Moment: Can Any LGBT Individual Survive a Day Under Sharia Law?
Reading the Qur’an during Ramadan 24: Juz Fa-man azlamu
Ramadan in Baghdad: Muslim murders 12 in jihad attack on mosque
FBI didn’t bother to inform some Americans they were on Islamic State kill list
Hizballah top dog: “As long as Iran has money, we will have money”
Israel: 3 Muslim doctors and nurse arrested for jihad terror bombing

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