Turki Al-Dakhil/Al Arabiya: Hezbollah, the defender of Israel


Hezbollah, the defender of Israel
Turki Al-Dakhil/Al Arabiya/May 22/16

When former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri was assassinated, Hezbollah narrated strange theories calling Israel as the main culprit behind the crime. We remember Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah’s famous speech in which he showed maps and videos to back up the party’s theories. Whatever he showed, however, contradicted the cause and the sequence of events.

Nasrallah wanted to exonerate his party and the Syrian regime from the responsibility and wanted to distract people. He was attempting to end the controversy surrounding the car used in the assassination, which international investigator Detlev Mehlis said came from Beirut’s Dahiyeh.

However, when it has come to the assassination of some of its commanders, Hezbollah exonerates Israel. During his recent appearance on television, Nasrallah insisted that Mustafa Badreddine was the victim of what he called “takfiri” groups. He excluded Israel from this whole narrative on Badreddine’s assassination.

Following the assassination of Hariri, Hezbollah always asked the question: “Who benefits from killing Hariri?” However when it comes to Badreddine, it’s asking another question: “Who is the enemy?”

The militias that exonerate Israel, or hold it responsible based on their own circumstances and interests, are more dangerous than Israel

Double standards?
Hezbollah’s militia is fighting the Syrian people and the moderate opposition. It is fighting a battle against the rights of the Syrian people. However, what is strange is that Hezbollah exonerates Israel from Badreddine’s murder but insists on involving it in the assassination of Hariri. This exposes its logic as conveyed via the story of Abu Adas and other futile media fabrications.

Days have gone by since the indictment was issued by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. People learnt that Hezbollah, its commanders and the Syrian regime were responsible for the murder of political figures just because they disagreed with them. But fate has its ways and Hezbollah is now drinking from the same cup as Gebran Tueni, Samir Kassir and Rafiq Hariri.

What is more dangerous than Israel are the militias who exonerate Israel or hold it responsible based on circumstances and interests.