Elias Bejjani: Thanks Giving Day: Obligations Prayers & Wishes/الياس بجاني: عيد الشكر في كندا..واجبات وصلاة وتمنيات


Thanks Giving Day: Obligations Prayers & Wishes/الياس بجاني/عيد الشكر في كندا: واجبات وصلاة وتمنيات
Elias Bejjani/October 09/17

This Year, Our beloved Canada celebrates on the 09th of October The Thanks Giving Day.

A blessed day by all means that is welcomed and cherished with joy, gratefulness, Hope and faith.

All principles and values of humility and gratitude necessitates that each and every one of us with faith, and hope thank Almighty God for all that we have no matter what.

To appreciate what we have it is a must to look wisely around and observe the millions and millions of people all over the world who are totally deprived from almost every thing that is basic and needed for securing a descent life.

While celebrating the “Thanks Giving Day” Let us be grateful and thank Almighty God genuinely and with full reverence.

On this special day we have to focus on praying and combine both faith and acts together.

We need to train ourselves to witness for the truth and to be humble and generous in giving what we can to all those who are in need.

We must recognise and understand with no shed of doubt that the only weapons that a peaceful believer can use to fight hardships of all sorts are faith, honesty, self trust, righteousness and praying.

Let us all Lebanese Canadians pray and ask Almighty God for what ever we are in need for ourselves, for others and for our beloved both countries, Canada and Lebanon.

Almighty God definitely will hear and respond in case we are genuine in our prayers and praying with confidence, faith and trust, but His responses shall be mostly beyond our understanding or grasping.

Let us Pray for on going peace and prosperity in the hospitable and great Canada that gave us a home when we needed it.

Let us pray for peace in our beloved original country, Lebanon and for freedom of its persecuted and impoverished people.

Let us pray that all Families will get together on this day to support each other and mend all differences among their members.

Let us pray that all parents will be appreciated today by their family members, honoured and showed all due respect.

Let us pray for the souls of Lebanon’s martyrs that fell while defending Lebanon’s dignity and independence.

Let us pray that Jesus Christ shall grant, our mother country, Lebanon, the Land Of the Holy Cedars with faithful clergymen and brave political leaders who fear him and count for His Day Of Judgment.

Let us pray for peace and tranquility in our beloved Canada, and for all countries and people over the world, especially in the troubled and chaotic Middle East

Elias Bejjani
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