Elias Bejjani/44 Years after their Martyrdom, martyrs of the town of al-Qaa, from their lofty heights bear witness to Lebanon’s sovereignty, freedom, independence, entity, identity and resistance


44 Years after their Martyrdom, martyrs of the town of al-Qaa, from their lofty heights bear witness to Lebanon’s sovereignty, freedom, independence, entity, identity and resistance
Elias Bejjani/June 28/2022

John 15-13: “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

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The loud voices of the 26 martyrs of the town of al-Qaa, from their lofty heights, are heard today, 44 years after their martyrdom, echoing with prayers and hymns, calling all free and sovereign Lebanese citizens, and reminding them of the heinous massacre that they suffered by the Baathist Syrian occupier, and its Trojan Lebanese tools. A bloody massacre against humanity, instigated with treachery, insolence, hatred and demonism.
The loud and resounding voices of the 26 heroic martyrs are reminding those of our people whose memories have died, and their consciences numbed, as well as, all those who live fear, Dhimmitude and surrender, that Lebanon is a country of holiness and saints, and that they, like all the other martyrs of the Land of the Cedars, have sacrificed themselves at its altar, in a bid to keep it a proud, free and independent country, and to solidity and maintain with pride, its deeply rooted history, identity, dignity and the sanctity of its blessed land, which embraces the cedars of the Lord, and at the same time is watered and soaked with the blood of the righteous martyrs.
It remains that the nation whose youth are always ready to offer themselves sacrifices on its altar, is an eternal nation that will not die, will not kneel, and will not surrender to any occupier, invader, oppressor,  terrorist and traitor, no matter how mighty is its military power.. and this is Lebanon..
Today, our prayers go for the comfort of the souls of the martyrs of al-Qaa, and for the rest in peace of all the souls of all the martyrs of Lebanon. We pray that their their eternal rest in peace is in the heavenly dwellings, alongside the righteous and the saints, where there is no sighing, pain, or sadness, but eternal life.

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From The 2008 Archives
Families of Qaa martyrs commemorate 30 years since massacre
Now Lebanon/June 28/2008
On the 30th commemoration of what came to be known as the Qaa massacre, a delegation of the families of the martyrs who died on June 28, 1978 visited Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah in Bkirki on Friday.
The delegation said it held the Zgohrta-based Marada movement and the Franjieh family, which heads the movement, responsible for the deaths of 26 Kataeb members killed in Qaa, Ras Baalbeck and Jdeidat al-Fakiha “in cooperation with Syrian special units.”
The massacre came as retaliation for the murder of Tony Franjieh, a former minister who was killed with his family in a previous massacre in Ehden, according to a statement issued by the delegation.
The statement outlined the “brutal, barbaric” murders, noting that the victims were dragged from their homes and shipped 30 kilometers to the Wadi al-Raayan in military trucks, where their corpses were discovered with their hands tied behind their backs and 20 bullet wounds in their backs.
The statement also said the repercussions of the “tragic disaster” had not ended, as many Qaa residents were driven out of their city 30 years ago, yet said the residents of Qaa hoped to see all Lebanese Christians united in honor and dignity.
“We have ended the chapter of the Lebanese war, and we hope that the spirit of forgiveness, reconciliation and peace will prevail, for the sake of Lebanon,” the statement added.
The delegation said their conflict with the criminal Syrian regime was not yet over as their “loved ones” remained in Syrian prisons and “photographs of the corpses of martyrs” revealed the horror of their fate, “generation after generation.”