Camile J. Hayek/A Message To My People In Occupied Lebanon


A Message To My People In Occupied Lebanon
Camile J. Hayek/September 02/2021

Dear Friends, Comrades & lovers of Lebanon . I am trying very hard to reconcile & understand the realities on the ground .
America The USA cannot be counted on & we were never able to count on America . Lebanon’s only importance is not the oil that we don’t have, & it is not the industrial base that we didn’t have .
The only significance Lebanon have is the fact that we are on the northern border of Israel .This northern front has to be controlled & secured regardless of the Christian population, Muslim populations or any other group within Lebanon. As long it is secured then that’s where Lebanon’s importance end .
Sadly that’s the case .
This thing that America loves the Christians & will not abandon them is a bunch of none sense . The USA cannot even secure its border, protect its own citizens in the USA like Chicago, Baltimore & Seattle to name a few, or protect its own citizens outside the USA . That USA finally showed its face with its screwed up politics on the national level & the international stage . It abandoned 20 year commitment & 4000 dead soldiers & 23000 wounded Veterans & allies Afghan, & even left Americans behind in that shameful exist out Afghanistan .
Communism failed in the Soviet Union & China . China is a communist country, but China is not communist when it comes to money , somehow we have a bunch of stupid idiots in many positions of power in the USA that want to tear this country down & experience communism & socialism even though such ideologies failed miserably elsewhere .
If the northern Israel border is secure, they don’t care who secures it, then the US & Israel are happy to make a deal even with Hezbollah, & too bad for that small screwed up fragmented minority called the Christians .
China & Russia will not allow for the forcible removal of Assad from Syria, to the extent that Syria is an official military base for Russia . If Russia & China are not for allowing Iran or Syria to break then Hezbollah will not break .
So we are left with the fond memories of our once decisive leader Bachir, but sadly he’s dead. Our Illusion that France will not abandon us, but it did & furthermore France has its own socio political challenges to deal never mind Lebanon .
So please stop those who visit the US embassy to consult or get paid , the US will not move a finger to protect the Christians in Lebanon or the Saudi embassy likewise .
Continuing to seek favour with the Americans will not work or be worthwhile .
We need to be pragmatic & very real with ourselves as Christians . We are alone & based on this fact we need to deal with that reality, & act to mitigate the dangers we face, & adapt to the realities that surrounds us .
I have been in the USA since 1973, & very much involved in social issues, & a member of the republican party . Zone chairman for Lions Clubs International for over 35 years, member in the nights of Columbus for over 27 years . A certified federal interpreter & a linguist with L3 corp. & a notary public for 30 years . I am not all that but I am also not an armature about the politics of America .
This is the time for us not to act foolishly & be very raw & real about our existence with no room for fabricated realities or the feeble assumptions about who’s our friend that will stand by us .
I took to time to write all of this because I care about my Lebanon & our Christian community . What I have shared with guys is necessary if we are true to ourselves & desire real answers .
God bless You All .