Elias Bejjani/Director Yussuf El Khoury on behalf of the “Nouveau Cenacle Libanais (NCL): Boycott Lebanon’s parliamentary elections so as not to “legitimize” Hezbollah. Do not send Your Fresh Dollars In an attempt to keep Lebanon Safe


Director Yussuf El Khoury on behalf of the “Nouveau Cenacle Libanais (NCL): Boycott Lebanon’s parliamentary elections so as not to “legitimize” Hezbollah. Do not send Your Fresh Dollars In an attempt to keep Lebanon Safe
Elias Bejjani/June 25/2021

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Speaking on behalf of the “Nouveau Cenacle Libanais (NCL) at the “Shields for a Unified Lebanon” conference on June 24/2021, director Yussuf El Khoury outlined a decisive position on vital fateful issues facing Lebanon, foremost of which is the upcoming parliamentary elections and Hezbollah’s control of the reins of power in the country. Al-Khoury presented the features of a clear road map to get Lebanon out of its current dire crisis.

On the parliamentary elections issue, Al-Khoury stressed the fact that, participation by candidacy and voting simply means a recognition of Hezbollah’s occupation that is boldly exhibited by its total hegemony over the country. Meanwhile this participation in case it happens will give Hezbollah a legal-constitutional instrument that this terrorist group can raise in the face of the decision-making states that denounce such elections and the re-electing of the same political class figures. While the boycotting is a public condemnation of Hezbollah’s occupation and a guarantee that the revolution against its hegemony will continue.

Al-Khoury warned that Hezbollah and its crony puppets victory in these elections is predetermined in light of a constitution that has been inoperative for more than thirty years, a tailored electoral law that serves the agendas of those who are in power, an experienced hostile electoral personnel who master all electoral twisting games, and the availability of financing sources for the candidates of the ruling system. While personal financing means (Cash Money) for the revolutionary candidates are confined in the banking system .

He also indicated that the revolutionary figures (candidates) are not ready to keep pace with the solid organization and commitment of the ruling parties .

As for the bet on the 52% of the Lebanese citizens who did not participate in the last 2018 elections, Al-Khoury considered such a bet to be flimsy, since the reasons that led these people not to participate are not clear, and at the same time it is not certain that they actually support the revolution.

On the other hand, Al-Khoury pointed to the successes of boycotting the parliamentary elections between 1992 and 2005:

The Issuing of UN Resolution 1559

The Forced withdrawal of the occupying Syrian army from Lebanon

The return of General Michel Aoun from exile

The release of Lebanese Forces President Samir Geagea from prison…

Meanwhile participation in the elections of 2005 and 2009, the renewal parliamentary processes in 2013 and 2018, and the 2018 elections led to Lebanon’s bankruptcy and the explosion of its capital! (Beirut Post Explosion

In the context of correcting the image of the revolutionaries, Al-Khoury considered that “the citizens who burn a tire and block a road” are the actual revolutionary, and without them, the way would not have been paved for the thugs who are currently calling for early elections.

Al-Khoury openly, loudly and harshly denounced the performance and stances of some of the intellectuals and resigned members of the parliament who claim to be in the core of the revolution, while in reality and actuality they are running in the next elections.

Al-Khoury also expressed his full support to the slogan “All of them, means all of them” in a bid to safeguard and preserve the revolution’s permanence and credibility, and he strongly condemned all attempts aiming to differentiate the pillars of the ruling system based on political affiliations.

Al-Khoury called on the American- Lebanese in particular to stop sending Fresh Dollars to Lebanon because this would extend the life of the crisis, while investment is required to rebuild the nation’s economy. He Pointed out that Lebanon is not currently on the US Foreign countries list of priorities, and called on the US administration to stop awarding Lebanon as a consolation prize to regional parties .

In conclusion, Al-Khoury suggested a list of definite priorities for helping Lebanon to get out of its ongoing dire crisis:

* Weakening of Hezbollah, putting an end for the Iranian occupation of Lebanon and forcing both of Hezbollah and Iran to pay compensations to Lebanon for the losses they have inflicted on it.

* Preventing the pillars of the ruling system from participating in any prospective solution while making room for the elites of thinkers and philosophers to be in a leading role.

* Forcing the Lebanese banks to pay interest to depositors in return for their deposited funds, pending the appropriate time to recover these funds. In this regard, banks must liquidate their assets whose value exceeds people’s deposits by $100 billion, and return the deposits to their owners.

*Presenting statesmen, not just politicians, to take over the reins of power after the liberation and rise of Lebanon.

*Encouraging the Lebanese expatriates to actively contribute in the advancement of Lebanon, through investment, not donations.

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